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This blog will be as eclectic as I am. I will promote my books and events, but I will also be promoting other Indies. Authors, film makers, game designers, and who knows who else! Prepare to get your geek on, it could happen at any time!

#Author I began writing short stories when I was 7 years old and I illustrated these stories as well, though I admit that my drawing abilities left a lot to be desired. My parents encouraged me by buying me extra school notebooks to write my stories in. My favourite place to write was under our carport during a rainstorm. I would sit at the picnic table and write for hours during summer storms. While still in high school, I had nearly finished writing a full length YA novel. Unfortunately, the notebook fell out of my backpack during my Junior year and was never found. Devastated, I stopped writing and threw myself into drama. For many years I participated in school musicals and community theater and even had a very small (uncredited) part in the 2001 Tim Burton film “Planet of the Apes”. I did get to meet Burton though, he was “eccentric but very nice”. I have also done some modeling in the past few years and continue to pursue that venue as well.

During this time I began writing again, for an online RPG game based on the show “La Femme Nikita” (one of my favourite shows of all time).  Slowly, ideas for stories began to form again but I always found that the middle of the story was missing. I would write the beginning and leave it until the block was defeated. In early 2013, I started writing again full force and am currently working on my fourth book, book two of a paranormal mystery series (The Revenant Series). See the “Serenity’s Books” tab for more complete information about my works.

I am the wife of a former Navy nuclear engineer and author who also drives trucks. I have 3 boys, born ’93, ’96 and ’11. In the little free time I have between family and writing, I cosplay, garden, read, craft, and do henna art. I’m a Browncoat (Shiny if you know what that is), I love puns and science jokes. I am a geek with nerd tendencies.

Wondering something you didn’t read here? Just ask!


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