Pirates. Arrr, or rather, Grrr

I love the old stories of Pirates as much as the next pirate-y geek girl… 220px-Female_pirate_Anne_Bonnywhat I don’t like are those who pirate books.

This morning, I found my latest book, Acquittal. The Revenant Series: Book One in PDF format on a file-sharing pirate site. I did not authorise this particular distribution. My books are available legally only on Amazon and Createspace, or from me.

At first, I had a brief moment of  “ah, I have arrived… I’ve been pirated.”… then I got angry. Between writing my first two books (I was working on Acquittal the whole time) and being a mum and wife, it took me over a year to finish that book and now someone is offering it for free? Not cool.

On a side note, I don’t like calling the people who steal and upload books like this “pirates”… why? Well, because as cutthroat as the Pirates of old were, there was a basic level of honour among them. (Consequently, I don’t like referring to modern day “pirates” as Pirates, either, hence the difference of capitalisation when referring to Pirates of old). I’d rather just call them cowardly thieves, amoral thieftains or something.

Back to the point… I don’t work for free (except in my Mum form) and I don’t know anyone that would. The number of downloads of my book changed every time I refreshed, but taking the biggest number of downloads shown multiplied by my current royalty level, I could maintain my household for 2 months without my husband’s mundane job paycheck. Furthermore, what little I could find about this site during an online search claimed that the people who run it embed malware into the downloads… so not only are they STEALING my intellectual property, but they are also attempting to put who knows what on the computers of those who download it!

Think about this: They could be embedding child p*rn in these downloads, if not simply viruses and trackers. Scary thought.

Here it is in a nutshell. This site (and other sites that do this) are STEALING from me and others. It is not cool, it is not right, and I don’t plan on letting it go.

I have arrived, and now I shall lay seige.

You Can’t Take the Books from Me,



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