Day 1 of The Fantastical Life of Serenity Blog Tour and Release Week Event!

Image Thanks for stopping by! Let’s have a thought experiment!

If you could have a Fantastical Life of your own, what would it be?

Add your answers in the comments, all who participate will be entered into a random drawing to win a signed (and personalised if you wish) “promo shot” of one of Serenity’s lives. Winner will be announced here on 2 July, so check back!

Don’t forget about the rest of the week’s festivities! See previous post for REVISED schedule and full details!

Love & Books!




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9 responses to “Day 1 of The Fantastical Life of Serenity Blog Tour and Release Week Event!

  1. To be able to read and travel to my heart’s content!


  2. CJ Shipp

    I would be a private detective/witch doctor (or private, detective, witch, and doctor) who could teleport all over the world, investigating neat and mysterious things, illnesses or places.


  3. Shannon

    I would be back in the military – but this time, working in a JSOC/JCU unit, jumping out of planes with comm gear and laser pointers!


  4. A passionate love affair!


  5. mayasjsanders

    I would be married to two different men and enjoying ALL the perks of it.


  6. Mary hurst

    If I could have a re wind in life I would love to grow up with all l my siblings. go back to college to better myself .


  7. Stefanie brown

    If I could have a fantasy life I would be independently wealthy and have a home in England. I would love to sit on my porch in the moores and be happy.


  8. Elizabeth

    Retire independently wealthy near a semi-secluded beach & sink my toes in the sand each & every day.


  9. Nina Russo

    To be able to stop time and read a book in one sit through!


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