Cover Art!

Alizon and I (Alizon of C & D Editing got together yesterday to work on the cover art. We both had the same idea at the beginning (talk about being on the same wavelength? Me and Alizon are!) and through brainstorming-well, not actual (guided) brainstorming, more like thinking out loud turning into more ideas-we settled on an idea we both LOVE! I am SO lucky that my editor lives within walking distance!

The cover won’t be all wispy and sparkly like many of the current covers (I do like those kind, they just don’t fit with this book), it is real and IMO will make the reader feel-just from looking at the cover-that he or she *knows* this girl. I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve come up with so far! She’ll be here again today for more work on it and I am literally hurriedly scheduling the rest of my day to be done by the time she gets here!

More on this soon, as well as other announcements about the book in general!

In other news, Arleigh Westunlied, , author of the upcoming book Point of the Rear Guard is having a Cover Art Contest! Go here: and like his page, then look at the photo album called “Point of the Rear Guard Covers”, decide which is your favourite and go vote on the question poll which is pinned to the top of his page. All those who vote will be entered to win a signed first print copy of the book when it comes out! Winner will be drawn by raffle.


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