Book 3 already?!

So remember how I said I might be done with my second book by my birthday in July? Yeah…I’m done! This book is about to go into first edit (I always do a first edit before anyone else ever sees it). I can’t tell you anything about it yet, except that it is a novella. More information will be released at a later time, so watch here for that.

I’ve been working on my third book (again), the first in a series of paranormal novels, since yesterday and am close to being about 1/10th done. This one is going to take a little longer, but then, it is twice as long as both of my first two. I’m really excited about this new project! Mystery, intrigue, a little romance maybe?

In other news, photoshoot for cover art is scheduled for Saturday June 15, I can’t wait for it to be done and official cover art to be ready! Apparently, if time allows, yours truly will be doing some shots for the photogs portfolio as well! šŸ™‚

Swag. Who doesn’t love some swag? I’ve got ideas for some and am working on them.

Editing. I’m currently editing two books, one is a manga written by a wonderful young man who is about to finish his sophomore year of high school, the other is a story by a NY Times bestselling author. This girl is busy!

…and all this while chasing my 19 month old, keeping up the house while hubby (also an author) is at his day job, making dinner and everything else that goes along with being a stay at home mum. Whew! If my life were ever calm, I don’t know what I’d do…probably go nuts!

Love & Books,



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