And Now for Something Completely Different…

Well, not completely. Final edits for my first book are finished and I believe that I am 100% satisfied with the work as is (this could change at a moment’s notice, usually around 3 am when I am in the process of dozing off and my brain says “Ah! I have an IDEA!”). Let’s hope that doesn’t happen for this book again. I am now working on my second book while waiting for the time to pass between now and the cover art shoot date. If I keep working like I have been, (minus this weekend since my mum-in-law is coming), I could ostensibly have my second book done by my July 2 birthday…we’ll see. After that one (and more likely during), I will be working on Book One of my five book series, title and info for both project 2 and project 3 TBA.

My friend convinced (read: twisted my arm-kidding!) to let her be the “beta-reader” (I think she just wanted to read it first), I hope she likes it as much as I do!

Love & Books,



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